5 Benefits of mobile learning in shaping your future workforce


In recent years, mobile devices have transformed the way we learn and consume information. One major way technology is affecting the workplace is in how training is delivered. In 2016, there were 4,8 bn unique mobile subscribers globally. That said, as the leaders of today’s organizations, you need to understand how this development affects your workforce, and adapt accordingly.

Today’s employees are internet and mobile-savvy individuals. The majority of their communication, and even learning, can be carried out in the palm of their hand. Mobile is an integral part in their everyday lives, and therefore an excellent platform for corporate training as well as lifelong learning.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are a few examples why employee training on mobile is so critical:

  1. It saves you time and money
    How do you ensure quality training for your employees while optimizing for efficient use of resources, such as time and money? Mobile learning is the answer. It reduces the amount of classroom training needed, allowing you to cut down on resources spent on in-house and on-site trainings. Before new employees start their first day at work, you can ask them to carry out basic training with the help of their own mobile devices.

    Bring-your-own-device (or BYOD) is an especially cost-effective method. With our mobile learning service www.funzi.mobi, employee training can even be carried out on feature phones, making it easily accessible to everyone in your organization.

  2. It’s the most scalable way to reach people around the world
    This may not be your biggest worry if you operate as a small startup. But if you run a large organization that operates in various parts of the world, mobile is not only cost-effective, but also a scalable way to train your employees! In many cases, mobile is the only way to reach tens, or even hundreds of thousands of employees. Previously, it’s been close to impossible to train all of your employees at once, and thus, employees below middle management levels are usually left untrained. This leaves a large portion of your workforce inadequately skilled to help your company reach its full potential.

  3. It’s an efficient way to learn
    Let’s face it, our attention spans can be short. And with a million things competing for our attention each day, it can be difficult for us to dedicate large chunks of our time to learning. Plus, it’s been proven that cramming everything into one session is not an effective way to learn, as you may recall from any last-minute exam revisions you’ve made back in school. Most likely you’ve already forgotten everything you learned in that short amount of time to pass those exams. That’s why mobile learning is so intuitive. It’s the best way to deliver bite-sized learning. You can learn at your own pace - anytime, anywhere.

    And if you decide to deliver employee training with Funzi, we’ve perfected bite-sized learning. We’ve been able to accurately pinpoint how much time people consume content on their mobile devices, allowing us to help you deliver your training in just the right amounts for the best possible learning experience and outcome.

  4. It’s extremely flexible
    Say ¡Adiós! to the rigid classroom training schedules. With a rising trend in remote work and satellite offices, it can be difficult to gather all your employees in the same place at the same time. And as you already know, time is money. The more work hours spent sitting in a classroom environment, the less time there is to complete tasks that contribute directly to the business success. Employee training on mobile is an agile and efficient way to manage a nomadic workforce, unsynchronized schedules, and employees who have idle moments to tackle.

  5. It’s for everyone
    In typical classroom trainings, the most extroverted employees are the most participative, and thus, get the most out of the training. Mobile learning gives everyone an equal opportunity to take part and learn when it’s most convenient for them. Not to mention, mobile learning is the best way to train millennial, tech-savvy employees.

So if you’re ready and excited to reap all the benefits of employee training using mobile, check out how we can help you by visiting www.funzi.fi!