Funzi Ambassador Program goes Kenya

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The Funzi Ambassador Program Kenya was launched on July 12th, 2017 at iHub in Nairobi. We had inspiring conversations about the current state and future of learning, as well as how to advance a growth mindset and the mentality of lifelong learning.

The Funzi Community and Ambassador concept was piloted in Nigeria in 2016. Our Ambassadors have taken initiative to host several events in Nigeria to work towards building supportive learning communities. They have also helped us gain a better understanding of how Funzi can be useful in our users’ lives.

Funzi Communities are online and offline ommunities of change makers who positively impact their surrounding societies. Funzi Communities amplify the impact of Funzi mobile learning in emphasizing communities of lifelong learning. Funzi Ambassadors are our most engaged users helping spread Funzi to their communities. Funzi Ambassadors play a major role in building eer-to-peer support networks and face-to-face communities to contribute towards building sustainable societies.

To enable Funzi Ambassadors to grow professionally and personally, we also developed the Funzi Ambassador Academy, a leadership course for aspiring change makers. The Funzi Ambassador Academy provides a way to build skills necessary in future societies, such as collaboration, problem-solving, and trust. The mobile learning course was published in Kenya last week in addition to already having been available in Nigeria.

Funzi has 1000 registered users in Kenya. We are expecting to grow this number significantly and are excited for the next steps forward with our new Funzi Ambassadors. We welcome engaged Funzi users to become Funzi Ambassadors. Find out more by getting in touch with us on Facebook Messenger.