Funzi launches new handful feature: a new and improved way to learn


Funzi is bringing our learners handfuls of skills to build their dreams!

We’re introducing an improved way of portioning learning content on Funzi. We call these new bite-sized units handfuls of learning cards. Handfuls are optimized for quick and easy consumption. They will help users pace their learning journey.

From now on, Funzi users can progress through topics on Funzi one handful at a time!

A handful of learning cards and quizzes provides just the right dosage of learning to consume at one go. In most topics, a handful will contain around 5-7 items. The cards and quizzes themselves haven’t changed, so things will feel very familiar even for our existing users.

Funzi users can learn at their own pace
When learners complete a handful by reading all the cards and taking the quizzes, they unlock the next handful. If our users are eager to learn more, they can move on to the next handful right away – or do it later at their convenience. Our users get to decide how many handfuls per day they want to complete.

Learners can easily track their progress within each topic
We’ve made it easier for users to see how many handfuls they’ve completed and how many more are still ahead. There’s a new progress bar on the front page for active topics and a larger one in each topic’s main view.