Your guide to creating enjoyable employee training programs

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When you ask people about their employee training experiences, the word fun is not often used to describe it. Why not? Besides ensuring that your employee training is useful and practical, shouldn’t it also aim to be inspiring and fun?

Spicing up your employee training program starts with good content; this means useful and engaging content. Based on the interviews I’ve conducted with ten individuals about their past training experiences, 8 out of 10 have voiced that, at some point in their careers, they felt that the employee training they received was irrelevant to their specific position. According to Training Magazine’s 2017 training industry report, in the United States alone, the total training expenditure amounted to approximately 93.6b$. That’s a lot of money potentially wasted if training is not well-designed.

By asking your employees a simple question; “What information is essential for you to carry out your work?”, you would already satisfy the most basic requirement of training; to help your employees do their job well. And consequently, you won’t waste as much money on training, or your employees’ time with any irrelevant information.

Engaging content has something in common for everyone; it makes us feel emotionally involved. It invokes positive or negative emotions, curiosity, excitement, trust, and the list goes on. Dr. Patsi Krakoff states that content marketing that doesn’t resonate with you emotionally can’t do a good job inspiring trust and action. Perhaps this also holds true for training content. Just think about it. Wouldn’t you prefer watching an inspiring TED Talk, or reading a Dan Brown novel, over cramming in hours of training information that’s dull and dry? So how can you make your training content something employees would consume even if it wasn't required?

Aspire to create the TED Talk of employee training!

Offer training that is practical; learnings your employees can directly apply to improve their jobs! Give relatable examples of successes and failures they can learn from. Include opportunities for your employees to reflect. And if you deliver training with Funzi, we also work with your content. We apply our mobile pedagogy to make learning through small screens fun, engaging, and practical. Get in touch with us at for a demo!

Training should also align with your employees' aspirations. Many are now looking for jobs that give them opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. People want to continuously learn new skills to keep them competitive in the workforce, as well as help them climb the career ladder to success. Keep that in mind when designing your training program.

Show your employees that you care, that’s how you’ll keep them

And lastly, let's briefly discuss how you deliver training. The environment and medium where you conduct employee training have a significant effect on how well the training is received. Many of the interviewees above mentioned that training delivered online, or as a combination of both online and face-to-face sessions made training more interesting, or in some cases, more bearable. So how are you currently delivering training? In a classroom, in a garden outside, or online? How do your employees feel about the delivery method and training environment? Does it need improving? If you’re interested in finding out more about how to digitize your training, take a few minutes to read our blog post to learn about the benefits of mobile learning in training your workforce.

With these tips in mind, you're now set to make your training epic! Let us know if your revolutionized training leaves employees raving about how awesome it is!