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Life really is about human interaction and the best things we’re able to create are done together. So our team at Funzi wanted to understand how mobile learning can support the growth of real-life communities. That was the key aspect in mind for us when we set out to build the Funzi Community and Ambassador Program. We also wanted to build a deeper relationship with our users, to find out what about Funzi works, and what we can improve - because of course you, our users, know it best!

We have learnt a lot through the Funzi Community, but are continuously working to improve. That is what one of our core principles, lifelong learning is about: a continuous development journey. Taking an active role in your life and growth path is an important source of happiness: test it out by by learning new skills or getting to know people from different backgrounds, for example!

We at Funzi want to facilitate the growth of not only individuals, but communities and societies. Building trust, as well as both supporting and challenging each other, enables communities and societies to flourish. Learning from our peers, peer-to-peer learning, is something that we want to build into the Funzi Community much more. This way the knowledge and skills of each one of us can be shared, so that in the end everyone is more knowledgeable and skilled. And did you know that teaching someone else what you have learnt is a very powerful way to enhance your own learning? So everyone benefits and grows!

The Funzi Community is driven by Funzi Ambassadors, our most engaged users and community leaders, who want to help spread mobile learning to their communities. Funzi Ambassadors

  • host events about Funzi or
  • organize study groups for communities to learn new skills together.
We are also always intrigued to hear how you think Funzi could benefit your community best!

Our Funzi Ambassadors are passionate about learning, growth, and about spreading those opportunities to others, too. Check out what some of the new members of the Funzi Ambassador team have to say:

"I am passionate about entrepreneurship, empowerment, leadership and creating an impact in the lives of people. I'm a believer in edtech, and I also believe that being an ambassador would not only provide me the avenue to achieve this but also an opportunity to learn from other ambassadors, the community itself as well as network and connect." -Henry, Kenya

“I would like to play a big role in bringing funzi ambassador academy to south africa. This will be a nice journey I feel it..... I see funzi as my stepping stone to better my self. Since from high school I have been a pro-active community builder. I am a student. I am on my second qualification i did IT specialising on networking and sometimes I do motivational talks in high school...I am a former volunteer community educator in city of joburg emergency management services. I am planing to be social entrepreneur.” -Kefilwe, South Africa

“I am teaching youths and help them coming to their dreams. Now, I am one of funzi ambassadors. Funzi has helped my dreams to life and this will allow me to excel youth programs within our communities and therefore reach and respond to their matters.” -Mmunga, Malawi

Inspirational, right?! What we really love is the principle of “paying it forward”: doing a good deed to help someone out, not expecting anything in return but suggesting that they will then help someone else out when they get the chance. The need to be able to contribute to our community is a basic trait of  humans everywhere. It is also an excellent way to show leadership and be a positive example.

What can you do today to pay it forward? Interested in becoming a Funzi Ambassador yourself?

Take the Funzi Ambassador Academy mobile learning course at www.funzi.mobi (available in African countries) to learn more about what it takes to become a Funzi Ambassador. My personal favorite part of the course is the Become a coach topic, because it gives everyone the tools to start building an empathetic mindset for everyday communication, to set and achieve your own goals, and to support and challenge your friends and family to do the same.


Saila Kokkonen
Communities & Partnerships at Funzi
Passionate about everyone growing into the changemaker in their own life and community.

Read about our Funzi Ambassador Program launch in Kenya here.