Mobile service for asylum seekers is now available in Arabic and Somali

Funzi’s “About Finland” -mobile service offers basic information to asylum seekers. The content of the service enables immigrants to operate more efficiently and based on correct information. “About Finland” -service, consists of five courses relating to Finland, language and communication skills, everyday life and legal rights. The service is now also available in Arabic and Somali. 

Funzi has also produced learning content for employment and entrepreneurship. The service is available to learn in English, Arabic, and Somali with new language versions and courses to be launched soon. Amongst them is a service that teaches the skills required for the hygiene passport. The first parts of this service “Food Safety” are already accessible on The service is free for end users, and it has been developed to work seamlessly even on older mobile phones.

Visit to access the service. You can go through “select language”-menu to access the Arabic or Somali version.