Funzi partners with UNDP Syria to deliver mobile learning to vulnerable populations in conflict areas

October 2017 Newsletter

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Funzi and UNDP Syria have signed an agreement to deliver mobile learning to help strengthen the resilience and socio-economic stabilization of individuals and communities in Syria. Conflict in Syria erodes livelihood prospects of Syrians, making access to relevant information and quality learning evermore essential. 

The partnership will provide capacity training for UNDP Syria's local partners to increase the efficiency of knowledge transfer, capacity development, as well as reach and benefit vulnerable populations. These objectives will be achieved through tailored training modules for target groups and beneficiaries on The implementation of the project has started.

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Employee business awareness training for Bidvest on Funzi mobile learning service

Bidvest is a leading South African multi-billion Euro services, trading, and distribution group. Bidvest operates globally, employing over 117 000 people. Bidvest partnered with Funzi to apply our expertise in mobile learning pedagogy to employee training, and distribute learning scalably as well as cost-effectively, via the Funzi mobile learning service.

Objectives of the partnership:
Reduced training costs - Mobile learning reduces the amount of classroom training needed, minimizing resources spent on on-site trainings.
Wide & immediate reach - Employees can learn anything, anywhere on their mobile phones.
Easy reporting and certification - Easy tracking of usage and measuring of employee learning outcome with access to an online dashboard.
Increased employee productivity - Employees have a better understanding of the business environment and the impact of their efficient work performance.

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Entrepreneurship is for everyone: moving towards inclusive entrepreneurship - New blog post!

"Entrepreneurship is about the journey, and not the destination. It’s about doing and building things, not only about the result. Therefore for me, inclusive entrepreneurship is first and foremost fighting for the rights of all people to become active members of society to be able to realize their dreams. We need to proactively build the world we want - not building the future based on what has been done in the past."

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