Half a decade with Funzi

Hi Funzi friends, here’s your update on the latest Funzi training programs, the impact we’ve been able to make in people’s lives around the world, and the story behind how Funzi all began.

The story behind Funzi

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Funzi was founded in 2014 by five individuals with a big dream. Crazy dreams? Yes! But as you know, nothing awesome ever comes from fearing failure! And if we don’t do this, then who will? Although, this is not to say that our journey hasn’t been an arduous one. So in celebration of our 5th birthday, we want to share with you our story.

Customer service training to sales representatives

We’re happy to announce that we’re working with EKAMI vocational school and college and Cursor Ltd to deliver customer service training to sales staff and customer service representatives. Due to the varying education background of the learners, and to keep the barrier of learning low, the course is offered in 4 different languages.

Upon completing the course, learners will understand the skills needed for good customer service, the customer service process, and how to serve customers of various cultural backgrounds. Stay tuned for results in summer 2019.

Do you have a need to train customer service?

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"I like the Founder 101 course which has taught me a lot about entrepreneurship things that wouldn't be taught at most schools and I am confident in saying I have the necessary knowledge needed to start my entrepreneurial journey."  - Funzi user in South Africa

Empowering migrant women through entrepreneurship and software training with Code on the Road

Funzi and civil society organization Code on the Road brings entrepreneurship training to women and girls in Amman, Jordan with the Funzi Founder 101 Hub program (a complete solution for entrepreneurship training including a mobile course and material for on-site facilitation). The program is funded by the US State Department.

The participants will receive a certificate upon completion and will be introduced to mentoring networks to assist them in finding internships, labor opportunities, and dedicated mentors. In addition, 10 students out of 50 will  be selected to receive further training through workshops on software tools and how to launch their businesses online.

Do you have a need to deliver Entrepreneurship training, or do you want to start running an Entrepreneurship hub yourself?

Here are our happy partners and customers who have used our Entrepreneurship Founder 101 program!

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Funzi helps everyone get a job with our 'Get that job' course

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals is and has always been at the core of our work. To help eradicate poverty, achieve economic growth, and ensure that everyone has decent work, we first created the Get that job mobile course in 2015 to guide learners in identifying their professional skills and help them navigate the job-seeking process. This year, we made a big upgrade to the course featuring a certificate of completion as requested by our users, more fun and practical information and tasks to help learners develop a growth mindset, and raise their value as an employee! Check out how your target audience can also benefit from this course here.

🏆 Award corner 🏆

2019 spring is off to a great start with Funzi named as one of the best 100 impact startups in the Nordic by Norrsken. Here's the full list of epic companies doing impactful work to solve environmental and social problems.