Happy New Year from Funzi

January 2019 Newsletter

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We want to start off by saying Happy New Year and a million thanks to each and every one of you for your support throughout our journey! We’re going to kick off this year with a recap of our 2018 highlights.

Learning and training to everyone, everywhere

2018 was a significant year for us. We were not only able to make strides in bringing learning to remote communities and during times of crisis, but were also trusted by corporations and educational institutions to deliver training to their target audiences to help them develop professionally.

Our project with UNDP Syria to help strengthen the resilience of organizations working to help individuals and communities affected by the Syrian crisis reached more than 400 UNDP and NGO field staff. Participants received Project Cycle Management training conveniently on their mobile devices no matter where they are, while UNDP benefited from fast training results cost-effectively. The training enhanced the efficiency of the organizations working to provide humanitarian assistance.

Employee training for Bidvest Group illustrated the effectiveness of mobile learning in corporate training; employers can train hundreds of employees with minimal cost and time. The course has helped employees gain a better understanding of how businesses function as well as how their work contributes to the company’s success.

On the educational institution side, we were extremely proud to hear that our “Micro MBA” program created with Hanken & SSE Executive Education in 2016 won Gold in the Talent Development category at EFMD Excellence-in-practice Awards. The program upskilled migrants arriving to Finland, preparing them for the Finnish business environment.

Additionally, last year we worked with Silver Oaks Schools & College in Pakistan to create a teacher training program that enabled them to standardize the teaching methodology used. Funzi’s turnkey solution was able to significantly save resources for Silver Oaks, reducing up to 80% on costs.

Funzi ‘Founder 101 Hub program’ brings entrepreneurship training to women, youth, refugees, dreamers and doers

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International Trade Centre (ITC) and Zimba Women were looking for innovative tools for hubs training women entrepreneurs in Uganda. So in July 2018, women in business in Uganda took part in the Funzi Founder 101 Hub entrepreneurship program to build their entrepreneurial skills and growth mindset. The 6-week blended learning program made them better equipped to start or grow their business, and received very happy feedback from participants.

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Promise Hub and Funzi are developing a mobile curriculum to support and train 10 million entrepreneurs in the next 30 years! What started as an idea, a dream, became a reality with the launch of the first Promise Hub in Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda: a hub that brings digital opportunities to youth. Our partnership began with the local impact team members of Promise Hub taking the Founder 101 Hub  program, followed by a course on Promise Hub values, tools, and methods as part of their train-the-trainer training. Stick around to hear more as Promise Hub’s programs for participants launch early 2019!

Looking for a scalable and cost-effective solution for entrepreneurship training?

Tools for sustainable decision making into everyone’s pocket


Our commitment to helping people become global citizens and live their lives in alignment with sustainable development took further steps forward in 2018. We worked with Fingo, umbrella organization for 300 Finnish civil society organizations, to give citizens tools to defend the space for civil society. The globally available course Civil society today was created based on the Civic Charter materials.

With UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education, housed at Finland Futures Research Centre in University of Turku, we created Get That Future Lab: a blended learning program for educational institutions for youth, namely high schools and vocational institutions. The program provides youth learning opportunities to think openly about the future, to seize opportunities, and to find their own potential.

For more information on Get That Future Lab, please get in touch.

A very exciting endeavor we are lucky to be a part of is the 25+5 SDG Cities Leadership Platform, coordinated by OiER and UNGSII. The platform will empower both decision makers, city employees,  and citizens in taking action towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Utilizing the technology most widely dispersed globally – mobile phones – Funzi online courses on sustainable decision making will be tailored for different target audiences in their own languages. Keep an eye out for the first implementation to be launched in a major city in Finland early 2019!

Making a SPLUSH in the world of Peacetech at Europe’s biggest tech conference Slush


Last year’s SLUSH was a special one for us. We took part in organizing an event on using technology to create a more peaceful world. In collaboration with Futurice and SaferGlobe, we brought together experts in business, technology, and peacebuilding to discuss as well as promote the development of peacetech. Speakers at SPLUSH consisted of President Tarja Halonen, UN Assistant Secretary-General Fabrizio Hochshild, venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Artturi Tarjanne, and Executive Director of SaferGlobe Maria Mekri.

To quote President Tarja Halonen “You need both the brain and the heart to build an innovation.”

This is exactly what we’re all about here at Funzi! And our hope is that new innovations will also work towards building global peace.