Learning does not have to stop in the face of conflicts

March 2018 Newsletter

Hey there, we’re back with an update on what we’ve been doing! It’s been a busy month of travels, gaining a better understanding of our role in providing solutions to help the refugee crisis, and moving our current projects forward.

Jobs make the difference conference

#JobsMakeTheDifference in crisis regions

Funzi CEO and founder Tero Salonen recently had the honor to attend and speak at the Jobs Make the Difference stakeholder consultation event in Turkey to help expand economic opportunities for refugees and host communities in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. This event was a collaboration of the United Nations Development Program, International Labour Organization, European Regional Development and Protection Program, and the World Food Program.

The workshop brought together active participants in the area to share success stories, best practices, and identify common opportunities and challenges. The main issues highlighted were on generating employment and building sustainable livelihoods. We believe that entrepreneurship provides a critical way forward in creating employment opportunities for both refugees and host communities. Feel free to test our entrepreneurship training Founder 101 available globally in both English and Arabic! If you're interested in the course results, get in touch!

At the event, Funzi also stressed the importance of training, providing learning opportunities, as well as disseminating information on the already available training in the region. So drop us a line if you think of ways to collaborate or want more info on Funzi activities.

International Conference on the Reconstruction of Iraq

Learnings from our Middle East Roadshow

In mid-February, we joined the Finnish Ministry for Trade and Development delegation to Kuwait to participate in the International Conference on the Reconstruction of Iraq. We then continued to Lebanon and Jordan to meet with UN System organizations and international finance institutions to discuss what communities in emergencies urgently need, and how we can help ensure ongoing education in these time.

Without opportunities to receive quality learning, societies cannot be rebuilt and strive. Our partnership with UNDP Syria to bring training to UNDP local partner organizations and vulnerable populations is the first of many projects to come that will help guarantee access to quality learning in countries affected by the crisis.

Our visit to Lebanon, packed with meetings, clarified how and where we could help UN organizations extend the reach and increase the effectiveness of their existing training programs. Before flying back home, we headed to Amman, Jordan where we spoke on stage at the No Lost Generation Tech Summit about creating successful services and products using design thinking, with Funzi as an example. This will hopefully inspire innovations in the area.

Want to help us build a better future for those that have been affected by the conflicts?

Meetings with education leaders at the Global Education and Skills Forum

Funzi was chosen to participate in the Next Billion Edtech Prize - the inaugural Edtech startup competition at Tomorrow, the new summit within the Global Education and Skills Forum. Amongst talented educators, Funzi was honored to make the semi-finals. We joined educators and leaders of public and private sectors worldwide to discuss solutions to achieve education, equity, and employment for all!

Celebrating Women’s Day at Funzi

For International Women's Day, we wanted to spread the message of self-love and appreciation. It's unfortunate that a lot of the time, women are discouraged and thus, too afraid to share their strengths and achievements. So how do we change that?

We asked women around the world to share what makes them unique. Men also joined our campaign to celebrate the qualities that make the women in their lives special. We want to inspire a culture where women are celebrated for their confidence, where men empower women, and where we all support one another.

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