Results from Syria, South Africa, and Uganda prove that mobile learning works

August 2018 Newsletter

Hi friends of Funzi,

Here’s your update on the latest Funzi training programs and the impact we’ve been able to make in people’s lives around the world!

Excellent results from UNDP and NGO field staff training in Syria

Case study image UNDP Syria.png

In late 2017, we partnered with UNDP Syria to help strengthen the resilience of individuals and communities affected in the Syrian crisis. As of August 2018, more than 400 users have started the courses, and the completion rates of the course topics range from 80 - 100 %. We have also received great feedback from the participants: “The courses were very rich and useful and were designed specifically for UNDP interventions and projects, making them closer to reality than theoretical generalities and theoretical approaches. Thank you very much for your efforts.” (Translated from Arabic feedback)

The four courses focus on providing project management training to UNDP and NGO field staff. With Funzi mobile learning, participants can conveniently receive the training on their mobile devices no matter where they are. This partnership produces immediate training results very cost-effectively. It has also helped UNDP to better coordinate their internal and partner projects, as well as enhance the efficiency of the organizations working to provide humanitarian assistance.

Funzi proves the effectiveness of mobile learning in corporate training with Bidvest

Case study image Bidvest.png

Our partnership with Bidvest has illustrated the effectiveness of mobile learning in corporate training: employers can train hundreds of employees with minimal cost and time. We were able to leverage our expertise in mobile pedagogy to distribute training that is not only scalable, cost-efficient, and measurable for Bidvest, but also fun, practical, and engaging for the employees. The course helped Bidvest employees gain a better understanding of how businesses function as well as how their work contributes to the company’s success.

By August 2018, 720 employees had started the course, and 680 completed, an astonishing 94 % completion rate. And here’s what a Bidvest employee had to say about their training experience with Funzi: "Very much inspirational and motivational and it will definitely change the mindset at your workplace and in general your growth."

Funzi brings entrepreneurship training to women in Uganda with ITC and Zimba Women


Women in business in Uganda recently took part in the Funzi Founder 101 Hub entrepreneurship program. The program focuses on building entrepreneurial skills and a growth mindset through blended learning. The program was coordinated by International Trade Centre (ITC) and consisted of a mobile course on as well as on-site sessions facilitated by Zimba Women, utilizing Funzi’s on-site training material. Mobile learning enabled learners to easily study at their own pace, while the group sessions deepen their learnings with practical tasks that helped participants further their existing businesses and business ideas.

The program concluded with a graduation ceremony for the graduates. With 35 participants having started the program, and 26 completed, the program’s completion rate was 74 %. We are excited about the promising results and spreading entrepreneurship training through more Founder 101 Hub programs in the future!

The program is sponsored by the Netherlands Trust Fund IV (NTF IV) Uganda, a project implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC) aiming at creating a supportive environment for tech start-ups and enterprises in Uganda. ITC coordinated the implementation and operation of the program hand in hand with its partner on-site Zimba Women, an association aiming at empowering Ugandan women through tech.

If you’re interested in collaborating or want to find out more about how Funzi could be beneficial for you, contact us below!

Stories not be missed! Funzi helps refugees take charge of their future

On World Refugee Day, we had the opportunity to talk to Funzi learners to hear their stories. These learners are also current and former refugees based in Malawi and Finland. Get inspired by their perseverance, positive outlook, and how they never let their circumstances stop them from dreaming and achieving their goals.

Refugees living in Malawi
Former refugees living in Finland

And if you’re wondering how your organization can help refugees to integratein a new country, please send us a message and let’s make it happen.