Join us in spreading learning to everyone, everywhere


We’re always looking for the best organizations to partner with to bring our vision one step closer to reality. If you’re interested in becoming our partner, check out the different types of partnerships below.


Sales Partner

Gain additional revenue by becoming our local sales partner either within your country or industry. You’ll take care of sales meetings and handle customer relations, and we'll provide the mobile learning as SaaS. We are currently looking for partners especially in the following industries:
- food and agriculture
- hospitality
- mining & construction.


Content Partner

Do you have learning content that you’d like to distribute to learners worldwide or in a specific market or country? Are you a university or another type of training organization? Become our content partner. You’ll own the content that is delivered with Funzi, or your content is used as a basis for Funzi courses. Use Funzi as a distribution tool to get global access and visibility for your content!


Other Partnerships

Are you interested in another form of partnership with Funzi? Perhaps you’d like to sponsor learning for a specific target group? Or gain global visibility for your brand and products on our courses as a commercial partner? Just get in touch and let us know what you have in mind!


Selected Partners