Funzi and Finland Futures Research Centre join forces in futures skills mobile course for youth

The Get that future mobile course is developed based on the 25 years of experience that Finland Futures Research Centre, at the University of Turku, Finland holds in futures education. It delivers the benefits of latest research and best practices swiftly to large target audiences using mobile learning. The course teaches futures skills to youth to give them the tools they need to build their future.

Funzi and UNDP Syria to deliver mobile learning to vulnerable populations in conflict areas

Funzi and UNDP Syria will deliver mobile learning to help strengthen the resilience as well as social and economic stability of individuals and communities in Syria. The goal of the partnership is to promote long-term participation, sustainability, and self-sufficiency of UNDP local partners. This program is a significant milestone not only for Funzi, but Finnish education export, and especially mobile as a delivery mechanism for learning opportunities to vulnerable populations in conflict areas around the world.

Blockchain and smart contracts technology courses to be delivered to every mobile by RSK University and Funzi

Smart contracts platform RSK and mobile learning service Funzi are announcing their cooperation to bring RSK University, a platform to study Blockchain and smart contracts technology, to mobile using the Funzi service. Both RSK and Funzi are participants in the Dubai Future Accelerators, a unique government-supported accelerator with the mission to imagine, design, and create the future and solve global challenges.

Funzi Solves Challenges of Future Education in Government-driven Dubai Future Accelerators

Mobile learning service Funzi is announcing its participation in the Dubai Future Accelerators, a unique government-supported accelerator with the mission to imagine, design, and create the future. The second batch of this 9-week program brings together 35 participant companies with government entities that are investing into breakthrough technologies to solve global challenges.

Sustainable Development Goals center stage in decision-making - the UN Association of Finland and Funzi launch mobile course for sustainable development under municipal elections

Mobile learning service Funzi and UN Association of Finland have together realized a mobile learning course on sustainable decision-making. The course, available to everyone for free, introduces the Sustainable Development Goals and supports promoting them on the local level, in Finnish municipalities.

Funzi and S Group produce mobile food hygiene passport training for migrants

Mobile learning service Funzi and S Group have in cooperation launched training for food hygiene proficiency for migrants. The training aims towards food hygiene proficiency certification, the so called “hygiene passport”. The hygiene passport is compulsory in for example the restaurant and retail industries, when the employee handles unpackaged and perishable foods.  The content of the training has been realized in cooperation with