Academics gone mobile – Asylum seekers graduate from Business Lead program by Hanken & SSE Executive Education and Funzi

In late 2015 Funzi partnered with Hanken & SSE Executive Education  to create the Business Lead 2016 integration program, the world’s first blended learning program that was targeted to asylum seekers who had completed academic studies. The program has leveraged mobile learning to increase the effectiveness of traditional offline learning. Hanken & SSE Executive Education together with Hanken School of Economics have provided the offline component, while Funzi has provided the online mobile learning component. 

The program was launched in February 2016 with 40 participants. Over 30 asylum seeker graduates received their diplomas today in the closing ceremony.  Applications to the program were received from over 70 asylum seekers, the majority in their late 20s and originating from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.  

The program consisted of four live modules on the business landscape and organizational culture in Finland and Europe, strategic leadership, finance, as well as sales and service mindset. Participants completed mobile learning courses before taking the live modules. This gave them background knowledge on the topics and enhanced the effectivity of classroom learning. Participants also had access to mentoring by the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. 

The initiative raised immense interest within Finnish business community, leading to 40 partner companies providing 2-month internships for the participants. 

One graduate had enjoyed using Funzi so much as to contact Funzi to collaborate in creating more courses. 

“According to our survey, the majority of participants found the content of the course relevant and a good fit with the contact learning days. This is extremely exciting for us and strengthens Funzi’s view that mobile learning can be used to enhance the effectiveness of traditional classroom teaching also in academic education. We are proud to have pioneered this with world-class partners,” says Funzi Founder Aape Pohjavirta.

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