Blockchain and smart contracts technology courses to be delivered to every mobile by RSK University and Funzi

Press release by smart contracts platform RSK and mobile learning service Funzi:

Smart contracts platform RSK and mobile learning service Funzi are announcing their cooperation to bring RSK University, a platform to study Blockchain and smart contracts technology, to mobile using the Funzi service. Both RSK and Funzi are participants in the Dubai Future Accelerators, a unique government-supported accelerator with the mission to imagine, design, and create the future and solve global challenges.

RSK is the first smart contract platform powered by Bitcoin, the most reliable and secure network that has a practical impact to a huge number of organizations and governments seeking transparency - today. RSK is currently focused on innovation as a servant of social transformation.

RSK participates in the Dubai Future Accelerator program with the intention to make Dubai the global hub for the future of Blockchain and smart contracts. A critical component in that process is the education and spreading of knowledge of what smart contracts are and how they work, and that is the rationale behind the establishment of the RSK University.

“We truly believe in the need of breaking down the concepts behind these technologies and their benefits for people to start adopting it,” says Henry Sraigman, Head of Business Development at RSK. “HH Sheikh Mohammed’s vision of having everything on the Blockchain by 2020 combined with the lack of Blockchain talent worldwide create the perfect conditions for this partnership. We believe that there is a huge opportunity to put Dubai in the centerpiece of the innovation ecosystem worldwide by creating the first mobile learning service for Blockchain education and will be seeking sponsorship for this from the Dubai Government.”

RSK University will offer courses on Blockchain and smart contracts to two key audiences: decision-makers and technology specialists. RSK University will be delivering both strategic as well as in-depth technical information about various subjects in the field. 

During 2017, RSK University will be provided on mobile through Finnish mobile learning service Funzi. RSK University’s goal in the collaboration with Funzi is to seek sponsors for this educational project to be delivered to all business executives, decision-makers and software developers in Dubai through a mobile course, leading to a Blockchain and Smart Contract Qualification. This would establish a global leadership position for Dubai within the industry.

"Our partnership with RSK is a major step towards achieving one of our main goals at DFA: to create a commercially sustainable Funzi learning ecosystem and hub in Dubai that supports our GCC and MENA operations," comments CEO of Funzi, Tero Salonen. “This is also a first project where the proven Funzi methodology is used to deliver learning on cutting edge technologies to a global audience of leading technology developers and business executives.”

RSK Labs is the company behind the Project codenamed RootStock, a smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to the Bitcoin Blockchain. RSK founders have been actively involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem and smart contract development since early 2013. The company was founded in 2015 and its initial white paper was later published on December 2015.

Funzi s a pioneering mobile learning service from Finland that makes education accessible to everyone – free for the end user. Funzi’s initial focus has been on livelihood and health related topics that are available globally on any connected device at Funzi revolutionizes learning by delivering mobile-first designed topics to users who have a thirst for new skills and knowledge.

Further information:
Head of Business Development, Henry Sraigman,
Facebook: @RSKsmart
Twitter: @RSKsmart

CEO Tero Salonen,,  +358 40 506 2440
Twitter: @funzi