Entrepreneurship education for refugees in Arabic

Funzi has today published an Arabic version of the entrepreneurship course ”Founder 101” in its mobile service. The six-week course provides versatile information on entrepreneurship from planning to setting up a business. The entrepreneurship course is free for users and fits perfectly as a part of integration services for immigrants of whom many speak Arabic.

Previously the Funzi service and its entrepreneurship course has been published in English and has been in use in several African countries since Autumn 2014. Thousands of users have passed the course and the feedback on its outcomes has been very positive.

Funzi is participating The Resilience Development Forum (RDF) Amman, hosted by the government of Jordan and convened by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on 8 and 9 November 2015 in Jordan as part of the Finnish foreign ministry delegation. Thanks to the Founder 101 -course’s mobile availability it can be utilized in other European countries, as well as in the countries of departure that suffer from wars and catastrophes, and in refugee camps.

“Funzi provides an agile way of learning and teaching, which can be applied to many different topics and needs. Since the study material is available via your own mobile phone, Funzi works efficiently in training and activating the asylum seekers. The cost of mobile teaching is only a fraction compared to traditional means of teaching”, says Tero Salonen, CEO of Funzilife.

RSS Feed Offers Real Time News Feed

Earlier Funzilife has also published the information package ”About Finland” targeted to asylum seekers. This service now provides both domestic and international news in real time broadcast as RSS feeds from YLE News in Finland. Through RSS feeds other timely information can be delivered as well, for instance from cities and immigration authorities. Funzi service and the entrepreneurship course in Arabic are available at http://funzi.mobi

Further information:

CEO Tero Salonen, +358 (0)40 506 2440
Facebook: facebook.com/funzi.fi
Twitter: @funzi