Funzi and S Group produce mobile food hygiene passport training for migrants

Mobile learning service Funzi and S Group have in cooperation launched training for food hygiene proficiency for migrants. The training aims towards food hygiene proficiency certification, the so called “hygiene passport”. The hygiene passport is compulsory in for example the restaurant and retail industries, when the employee handles unpackaged and perishable foods.  The content of the training has been realized in cooperation with

“For our part we want to support the employment of migrants and offer them the chance to study for the hygiene passport for free through the www.funzi.mobilearning service,” states Nina Meincke, Director of S Group’s HR Services and Development.

The training is available in English and in Finnish. The content for the hygiene passport has been transformed for mobile by using the Funzi mobile pedagogy, and it is delivered to the end user in optimal bite-sized portions daily.

Usually the hygiene passport test costs a certain fee. Through the Funzi service the student is able to study for the test and review their skills. The partner for the content, also arranges separate trainings around Finland. Information about the trainings can be found at

Funzi has previously launched the About Finland information service, which gives migrants and especially refugees information that furthers their integration into the Finnish society. About Finland is available in English, Arabic and Somali.

“Funzi services for migrants are focused on current information and upskilling the student professionally”, comments Tero Salonen, CEO of Funzi. “The hygiene passport training is an excellent example of this and therefore an great addition to the Funzi course selection.”

S Group is a Finnish cooperative network of companies operating in the retail and service sectors in the supermarket trade, the department store and speciality store trade, service station stores and fuel sales, the travel industry and hospitality business and the  hardware trade. S-Bank provides all co-op members with comprehensive banking services. S Group consists of SOK Corporation, twenty independent regional cooperatives and eight local cooperatives.

Funzi is a pioneering mobile learning service from Finland that makes education accessible to everyone – for free. Funzi focuses on livelihood and health related topics: current courses include entrepreneurial and job seeking skills, which are available globally on any connected device at The service revolutionizes learning by delivering mobile-first designed content for people who have a thirst for new skills and knowledge.

Further information:
CEO Tero Salonen,,  +358 40 506 2440
Twitter: @funzi

S Group
Director of HR Services and Development Nina Meincke,,  +358 10 76 80301
Twitter: @sryhma