Funzi and UNDP Syria to deliver mobile learning to vulnerable populations in conflict areas

Press release by mobile learning service Funzi:

Funzi and UNDP Syria will deliver mobile learning to help strengthen the resilience as well as social and economic stability of individuals and communities in Syria. The goal of the partnership is to promote long-term participation, sustainability, and self-sufficiency of UNDP local partners. This program is a significant milestone not only for Funzi, but also for Finnish education export, and especially for mobile as a delivery mechanism of learning opportunities to vulnerable populations in conflict areas around the world.

Tailored training modules for UNDP’s partners and beneficiaries will be launched as mobile learning on starting late 2017. Training will be delivered on essential project cycle management skills to UNDP and NGO field staff. Moreover, to support vulnerable populations like the displaced, and women- and youth-headed households, training will focus on helping them achieve social cohesion and sustainable livelihoods.

Conflicts in Syria have resulted in a shortage of jobs and infrastructure, as well as in a lack of security in certain parts of the country. This erodes livelihood prospects of Syrians and makes access to relevant information and quality learning evermore essential. UNESCO policy guidelines for mobile learning affirm that mobile devices can help ensure the continuity of education during times of crisis.

“Funzi is an active member in the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan in response to the Syria crisis (3RP). Our participation and experience in developing and implementing mobile learning services for displaced populations allow us to create learning programs that are effective in knowledge transfer and skills development, while remaining cost-efficient and scalable”, remarks Funzi CEO and Founder, Tero Salonen.

Funzi is a pioneering mobile learning service from Finland that makes learning accessible to everyone – free for the end user. Funzi enables our customers and partners to reach and teach their target groups easily and cost-effectively. Funzi’s service delivers a learning experience specifically designed for mobile that produces similar behavioral and usage patterns as mobile games. The service is available directly at

Further information:
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