Funzi cooperates with the Newbie Guide to Sweden to bring information to migrants

Mobile learning service Funzi has launched information services for migrants with content partner The Newbie Guide to Sweden. The Newbie Guide to Sweden is available in English and meant for all newbies, meaning anyone new to and starting a life in Sweden. The course covers the topics of practicalities of settling in Sweden, getting a tax card and accessing social benefits as well as how and where to learn Swedish. The partner content is delivered as learning through the Funzi mobile pedagogy, in optimal bite-size chunks made up of lessons.

At the Newbie Guide to Sweden we strongly believe in help to self-help. Just because you are a newbie doesn’t mean you are helpless, you just need the necessary tools that will help you get started in your new country. This is what we provide at and by collaborating with Funzi and their excellent e-learning platform, we can create online courses on newbie related topics that make it even easier for newcomers to find, process and act on the information, says CEO Julieta Spoerer.

Funzi has previously launched an About Finland information service,  which gives migrants and especially asylum seekers information that furthers their adjustment to the Finnish society. About Finland is available in English, Arabic and Somali.

Mobile learning fits this purpose well, because it reaches most migrants effectively via mobile and can easily be translated into  their own mother tongues. With June 20th marking the UN World Refugee Day, we celebrate the cooperation with The Newbie Guide to Sweden as another step towards spreading learning to everyone, everywhere. Our aim is to provide the skills for everyone, whether native or migrant, to be able to contribute to their societies, comments Tero Salonen, founder and CEO of Funzi.

The Newbie Guide to Sweden is a social venture started by people devoted to guiding newcomers into their new life in Sweden. At the Newbie Guide to Sweden digital platform, you find a one stop shop for most things newbie related with special focus on centralizing and explaining vital information while at the same time providing crucial tools to find social networks and inspiration.

Funzi is a pioneering company from Finland that wants to make education accessible to everyone – for free. Funzi focuses on livelihood and health related topics: current courses include entrepreneurship and job seeking, available globally on any connected device at The service revolutionizes learning by delivering mobile-first designed content for people who want to learn new skills and knowledge. 

Further information:
Founder & CEO Tero Salonen,,  +358 40 506 2440
Twitter: @funzi

The Newbie Guide to Sweden
CEO Julieta Spoerer,, +46-70 237 88 31
Twitter: @NewbieGuideSwe