Funzi delivers course in Swahili to empower youth and unlock their potential for employment on mobile

Funzi announces the release of the Swahili language version of their second major learning deck, ‘Get That Job’. This new content builds on the services currently delivered by Funzi through their award winning and revolutionary mLearning service.

The skills required to find suitable job openings and prepare for employment are timeless and important in all stages of professional life. The ‘Get That Job’ Learning Deck provides youth, especially those in emerging markets, practical and actionable tips for self-discovery, finding suitable job openings, and securing their ideal job. Content in the learning deck covers the job application and interview process, as well as what to do in the first few days of a new job. The lessons taught will give Funzi users a comprehensive foundation to ‘Get That Job’ and put what they have learned into action, enabling them realise their true potential. The new Swahili language version of the course makes the content even more accessible and will initially be available to users in Tanzania and later in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

The new content provided through ‘Get That Job’ has been developed by a team of industry experts, with additional material developed with local partners including Elimu Living Lab. The ‘Get That Job’ course enables institutions, organisations, and job agencies who specialize in preparing individuals for employment to maximise their reach and engagement with relevant communities through a trusted channel, the mobile phone.

All Funzi content is free and targets young and aspirational users in emerging markets. Funzi mobile learning and information services reaches users with tools they already have, their mobile phone. Content is designed by experts, based on the latest learning methods, and delivers users practical information that can improve their personal life and career.

“The Swahili version of The Get That Job course is an opportunity for vulnerable Tanzanians who are English illiterate but passionate at developing their life skills and return to job markets. It is a transformation tool for these local clusters to get exposed to new learning experience and stimulate the uptake of digital technologies in daily life.” Karol Novat, Elimu Living Lab (ELabs).