Funzi goes digital literacy: course on using Internet on mobile for new-to-Internet users

Press release by mobile learning service Funzi:

Funzi has launched a mobile course “How the Internet works on Mobile Devices”. The course is directed to new-to-Internet users to increase their understanding about and use of Internet services. The course is Funzi’s first step in providing digital literacy content to millions of people worldwide.

The course is initially available in Iraq and Jordan at in English, after which it will be launched in Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria. It will provide information on how to connect to and use the Internet on your mobile device. The course also includes how to use different ways to access useful information on the Internet, for example through mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Free Basics - part of Facebook’s initiative.

Over 85 percent of the world’s population lives in areas with existing cellular coverage, but mobile data is expensive and hard to justify to people when they haven’t experienced the benefits of the Internet. Free Basics by Facebook provides people with access to useful services on their mobile phones, without data charges, in markets where Internet access may be less affordable.

Free Basics is currently available in over 60 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, as a good entry point for new-to-Internet users to help them improve their lives. The websites available for free without data charges include things like news, employment, health, education, and local information. Funzi, providing mobile courses on livelihood and well-being, is one of the services available on Free Basics.

In line with the European Commission's tool, Digital Competence Framework for Citizens, Funzi aims to “improve citizen's digital competence for work and employability, learning, leisure, consumption and participation in society.”

“At Funzi we make learning available to everyone, so that they are able to build new skills to improve their lives while raising their level of critical thinking. This new course is about providing training for people to be more aware about the advantages and possibilities that the Internet has to offer,” comments CEO of Funzi, Tero Salonen.

The digital literacy course offering on Funzi will in the future include courses on for example how to communicate and engage in online communities and social networks, as well as how to find, evaluate, and utilize information online.

Funzi s a pioneering mobile learning service from Finland that makes education accessible to everyone – free for the end user. Funzi’s initial focus has been on livelihood and health related topics that are available globally on any connected device at Funzi revolutionizes learning by delivering mobile-first designed topics to users who have a thirst for new skills and knowledge.

Further information:
CEO Tero Salonen,,  +358 40 506 2440
Twitter: @funzi