Mobile learning course About Finland for asylum seekers also takes into account animal protection and guide dogs

About Finland mobile learning course directed at migrants now also deals with animal protection and guide dogs, as well as the role of pets as family members in Finland. The factual course on Finland and it’s culture can be studied by anyone on their own mobile phone or other internet-connected device at The easy to use service is for everyone, and it is available in English, Arabic and Somali. The service is free to the user and works on a mobile phone internet browser.

Many people coming from a different culture aren’t used to cats and dogs living inside as family members and pets generally being taken care of very well. Also Finland’s animal protection legislation and for example that you don’t need to fear rabies in Finland is new information to many. It is very important for SEY that we are able to hand out factual basic information to asylum seekers on animals and their good treatment, says Maria Lindqvist, acting executive director of SEY Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations.

In Finland the visually impaired have around 220 guide dogs in their use. You can distinguish a guide dog at work from its harness, but the user of the guide dog can also use a white cane as well as the dog.  Guide dogs are friendly and well trained dogs that know how to behave well in all situations. A guide dog can be taken to places where you cannot go with a normal dog. You can travel with public transport and go to public offices, shops, grocery stores and restaurants with a guide dog. The best way to behave around a guide dog is to ignore them, says Regina Koljonen, the president of the association of guide dogs (Opaskoirayhdistys ry).

The About Finland information package gives immigrants and especially asylum seekers information that furthers the adjustment of asylum seekers to the Finnish society. Mobile learning fits this purpose well, because it reaches most immigrants effectively in their own mother tongues, comments Aape Pohjavirta, founder of Funzi.

Further information:
SEY Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations
Acting executive director Maria Lindqvist, 050 371 2740

Fin­nish Fe­de­ra­tion of the Vi­sual­ly Im­pai­red (FFVI)
President of the association of guide dogs (Opaskoirayhdistys ry) Regina Koljonen,  050 432 8431

Founder Aape Pohjavirta ,, 040 547 7797