The mobile revolution of training and delivering learning


Our services

Funzi is a mobile learning service for businesses, NGOs, governmental organizations, and all end-users with a connected device. At, we deliver bite-size learning content optimized for quick and easy consumption on mobile. Funzi services include content production and delivery, targeted user acquisition through digital marketing campaigns, as well as reporting and certification of learning outcomes. Our core competence is in “funzifying” learning content through mobile pedagogy and experiences from the gaming industry. The end result makes for fun, addictive, and practical learning.

Mobile learning on Funzi works well either as a stand-alone course or part of a blended learning model to increase the effectiveness of traditional classroom trainings.

Reach thousands at a time with mobile pedagogy that produces verifiable learning

Why Mobile Learning?

Mobile technologies have a global reach and are rapidly adopted in emerging markets. In some cases, whole communities are run on mobile. Mobile is an integral part in people’s everyday lives, and therefore an excellent platform for training as well as lifelong learning.        

Mobile is the only cost-effective and scalable way to reach people everywhere around the world: in 2016 there were 4,8 bn unique mobile subscribers globally.

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Our Advantages



Reach and train your target audience conveniently with mobile learning. Users can learn anything, anywhere on their mobile devices. With Funzi, you can reach thousands cost-effectively while not compromising on the quality of learning.


Cuts costs

Mobile learning reduces the amount of classroom training needed. The new skills users acquire through our mobile courses can be verified and certified. So you can cut down on the resources spent on on-site trainings.


Quick and easy

We are your one-stop learning management service. We provide a complete turnkey solution that includes service design and production, technical delivery, certification, and reporting. All you have to do is provide us with education content or training material, and we’ll apply our mobile pedagogy. Giving you more peace of mind!


Verified learning outcomes

The combination of applying our mobile pedagogy, technical delivery, and certification process, have qualitatively and quantitatively proven to deliver successful learning experiences. It produces motivated and skilled individuals, and enables more efficient on-site trainings.



Reach your target group in their native language to keep the barrier for learning low. Funzi has courses available in Arabic, Dari, English, Finnish, Somali, Sorani, and Swahili. Additional translations available upon request.



Funzi is a web app that works on any mobile device with an Internet connection, from feature phones to the latest smartphones. It runs on any browser, so there’s nothing to download. Funzi is super lightweight, performing well even on slower networks. Funzi is also available without data fees via Free Basics by Facebook in selected countries.


Revolutionizing how we learn and train

How Funzi Works

The Funzi service revolutionizes learning by delivering content designed for mobile to people who want to learn new skills. Our core competence is in “funzifying” learning content through mobile pedagogy and based on experiences from mobile media and the gaming industry. Our mobile pedagogy enhances the learning experience and enables measuring of learning outcomes.


Bite-sized Learning

With Funzi, learners get bite-sized learning delivered in just the right dosage making it easy to digest, assimilate, and recall.


Practical Skills

Funzi is about purposeful and actionable learning, which users can apply in their everyday lives. With Funzi, learners build not only new skills but a growth mindset.


Everyday Language

Funzi uses a conversational, non-academic tone with wording that is relatable and enjoyable to read.


Fun to Learn

Learning with Funzi is fun and effective. We create learning experiences that are focused, interactive, and celebrate the users’ achievements.

Funzi Workflow

The workflow shows you what needs to be done to create Funzi services that deliver lasting and verifiable learning outcomes. The process begins when we receive your learning content, and ends with verifying and certifying the newly acquired skills of your target audience.

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