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Learn practical skills for free on any mobile, for a better life & career — Choose from high-quality, practical courses on livelihood & well-being. All our courses are available for free and without annoying ads.

Get bite-sized lessons in just the right daily dose for optimal learning — Spend just a few minutes per day learning new skills to improve your life.

Our users <3 Funzi!

“Exceptional quality of information. Easy to read and understand. Mentally stimulating.”
–user from South Africa
“I love this so much. It is really shaping me and also inspiring me. I can't wait to finish up every course. Thanks for making me eager to pursue my dreams.”
–user from Nigeria
“I love the style of teaching in small bits which makes it easy to understand.”
–user from Kenya

We have over 4 000 000 happy users in Africa, Asia & Europe — studying in English, Arabic, Somali, Swahili, Sorani, Dari, and Finnish.

P.S. Funzi is super light-weight by design, so it works great even with slower networks & older phones. Funzi is also available without data fees via Free Basics by Facebook in selected countries.

About us

Funzi is a pioneering mobile learning service from Finland on a mission to make quality learning accessible to everyone – for free. Our vision is a world where everyone is able to lead happy and healthy lives and earn a meaningful livelihood.

The service,, revolutionizes learning by delivering mobile-first designed content for people who want to learn new skills to improve their lives. Funzi focuses on livelihood and well-being related topics. All courses are available for free.

>4min avarage session length
for active users

Funzi works on all connected devices, even on feature phones. Our core competence is in “funzifying” learning content through mobile pedagogy and lessons learned from the gaming industry. The end result makes for fun, addictive and practical learning.

Funzi enables measuring learning outcomes and certifying these new skills. The service is available globally and made relevant locally through Funzi’s partnerships.

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>50% of active users return
the next month

Why mobile learning?

Mobile is the only cost-effective and scalable way to reach people everywhere around the world: in 2015 there were 4,7 bn unique mobile subscribers globally.

Mobile learning on Funzi works well as part of a blended learning model, to increase the effectiveness of traditional classroom teaching.

Partner with Funzi

With Funzi you can reach a specific target group or a global audience - whoever you want to sponsor learning for.

  • Teach cost-effectively with mobile
  • Measure and certify learning outcomes
  • Get global access and visibility

Funzi’s business model lies in commercializing learning outcomes that are valuable to our partners.

If you want to partner with Funzi please see this PDF for more information and contact

Our partners include

Facebook – We are part of Facebook’s initiative. Through the initiative Funzi is available on the Free Basics service without data fees in certain countries.

Jobberman – We have joined forces to upskill talent and standardize informal sectors together with Nigeria’s No. 1 recruitment website.

Hanken & SSE Executive Education – As part of the integration program Business Lead 2016 for educated asylum seekers, Funzi developed a mobile learning service component to enhance the live module training, mentoring and internship components of the program.

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) – Migri provided learning content for asylum seekers to learn about equality to speed their integration into Finnish society, which was delivered through the Funzi service.

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