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Our story

We at Funzi envision a peaceful world where people are able to lead happy and healthy lives, and have meaningful and sustainable livelihoods. Funzi was founded because we wanted to use our unique knowledge in mobile business, education, and technology to have a global impact on how the world learns.

Funzi takes its name from funza, meaning learning in Swahili, and is inspired by Africa - the continent of growth.


Our mission is to make quality learning accessible to everyone – free for the end user

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We're a team of skilled professionals, wonderfully fun, and passionate people working hard to make a difference in the world and the lives of everyone. Our goal is  that one day our impact will be as loud as we are at the office. If you want to become a part of our dedicated and loving little family, then send us a message below.

Tero Salonen

Director and Founder

Aape Pohjavirta

Chief Evangelist and Founder

Miemo Penttinen

CXO and Co-founder

Tomi Saalasti

Head of Operations

Melissa Alasalmi

Content Lead

Nur Sah Ketene

Technical Lead

Phuong Tran

Marketing and Communications

Maikki Messo

Customers and Partners

Mikael Perttula

Customers and Partners

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Open positions

Funzi - Mobile learning service

Funzi provides all of the above! Funzi is a Finnish startup founded in 2014 that solves the global problem of people not having access to learning. We deliver quality learning for people all around the globe, and we do it for free: we want learning to be totally free for the end user. Our mobile learning service ( works on all connected mobile phones - even on those old Nokia feature phones - as long as the phone has an internet connection and a web browser.

Content work at Funzi

Content work at Funzi, in short, is the process of developing, creating and editing written texts that are used in our mobile learning courses. You would have the following responsibilities:

  • All course content is your responsibility. Everything related to our learning content: sourcing, writing, reviewing, editing, applying mobile pedagogy, storing, uploading and updating goes through you.

    • See an example here. Funzi course content is delivered in short learning cards.

  • Managing content projects and workshops with external partners.

  • Uploading completed course content to Funzi’s content management system and keeping it organized and up to date.

  • Training and managing freelance and zero hour contract content editors.

  • Managing Funzi content delivery processes.

To be an outstanding Content Lead, it is recommended that you have:

  • Excellent spoken and written English

  • Brilliant editorial skills

  • Good people, communication and teamwork skills

  • Presentation skills

  • The ability to learn quickly and be self-directed

  • Experience producing written content

  • Excellent multi-tasking, time management and organizational skills

Work environment

Funzi is a pioneer in mobile learning, which means that no one has the answers to difficult questions. We trust that you can figure out the best possible solutions yourself. Since we are a startup, your role will most likely develop quickly if you have a go-getter attitude and the ability to learn new skills fast. You should also be flexible and be able to quickly adapt to changing situations.

In addition, since Funzi is a startup, we want you to understand that the company might not necessarily exist after 12 months. Alternatively, we might be skyrocketing. We want to be clear with this since it's the nature of a startup: everything can change quickly. Ask yourself, do you enjoy working in an environment like this and accept the risk? Or possibly being a part of the next baby unicorn?

We don’t care whether you work during office hours or in the middle of the night. All we want is that you - and everyone else on our team - deliver. Teamwork takes place mostly in our office, which is located at Innovation House Finland in Espoo (Tekniikantie 2, Otaniemi). The job is a full-time job and we are looking for a person who would love to join our well-knit team.

Recruitment process

Phase 1: Online application
Phase 2: Online content workshop
Phase 3: Content task at Funzi office
Phase 4: Interview
Phase 5: Reference check

How to apply?

Please send your CV and LinkedIn profile to

There is no specific deadline for this application, but be quick, since we will hire the first person who passes the whole process.

Content Lead

Didn't find an open position suitable for you? No worries! We're always on the lookout for stellar passionate individuals to join us on our quest to provide free quality learning to everyone, everywhere! If you're ready to take on the challenge, leave us an open application. We'll get back to you soon!

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Looking for some more information on Funzi? Interested in writing about us? Check out the Funzi press kit for more on the Funzi journey and imagery. Find our complete lists of our awards and media mentions below.


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